Get Your Sage On

I am happy to announce that I am now offering house cleansing and blessings. Yes, that’s right! I will come to your house, equipped with dried white sage and an open mind, and smudge away any residual or stagnant energy.


As an intuitive medium, I am frequently asked to validate clients’ personal experiences with the paranormal. Clients often retell stories of hearing sounds and smells throughout their homes like toys randomly going off in the middle of the night, the sounds of pans clanking although no one is in the kitchen, the sound of water running or dripping with no evidence of plumbing issues, or odd smells, the smell of cigars burning at a certain time, the smell of fire wood in the middle of summer, the smell of your dead grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, etc. To me, the sensory overloads, while frightening to those who are unaware, are ways that loved ones who have passed try to communicate with us. The residual energy from our loved ones who have passed present themselves as a way to provide validation that our loved ones are still with us. Stagnant energy is a little different from residual energy.

Have you ever walked into a part of a house and automatically felt enraged, sad, or anxiety out of nowhere? Or have you ever had new furniture delivered to your house and felt frustrated, pissed off, rushed but not sure why? Or do you ever wonder while little Johnny is afraid to enter Uncle Bob’s dining room without being able to express why? These are examples of stagnant energy. Children specifically have a keen sense of picking up on energy that does not feel right. Unlike residual energy that is connected with a loved one who has passed, stagnant energy can stumble even the most advanced spiritual gurus as the source of the energy is often overlooked or not easily identified. When I walk into a client’s home and feel stagnant energy, I smudge away the energy with dried white sage and bless the room before I proceed with a reading.

How do I prep for a house cleanse?

  • Crack open several windows
    • The dried sage can be unpleasant for those with a sensitivity to smells
    • This allows the residual or stagnant energy to “leave” the house
  • Identify problem areas of the house
    • Not a must but can help to add extra protection during my walk through
  • The people who reside in the house be present
    • Not a must but I cleanse their aura for added benefit and provide insight on the source of the residual or stagnant energy


$80 within an hour away

$150 within two hours away

How do I pay?

I have a Paypal and a Venmo account. I can invoice you beforehand if needed.

Blessings and Light,

The Drunken Medium

Contact Information:
Facebook: The Drunken Medium
Instagram: @theDrunkenMedium
Twitter: @DrunkenMedium

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