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How do I work?

No, I am not drunk when I work. My name, the Drunken Medium, stems from the fact that the first time I read someone I was in a bar. I work under God’s protection. I call on God and His army to bring forth your loved ones. I tell potential clients interested that I can never guarantee who comes through; however, I can guarantee the message you will receive is the message you need to hear. The night before our session I set my intentions to receive any information from your loved ones. The morning of our session I pray and meditate again. Typically, I receive information about you and your loved ones throughout the day. Thirty minutes before our reading I pray and meditate to God.

How do you prep?

The night before our session I request my clients to pray and set their intentions for a successful session. Again, while I cannot control who comes through, I can tell you the message you receive is what you need to hear. Setting your intentions the night before helps God and His army organize in a way to deliver information. Throughout the day use affirmative prayers to further reinforce a successful session. For example, say or pray, “Thank you (loved one) for coming through today and helping me out with (topic).”


$60 an hour
$35 for half hour

How do I pay?

I have a Paypal account. I can invoice you beforehand if needed.

Blessings and Light,

The Drunken Medium

Contact Information:
Facebook: The Drunken Medium
Instagram: @theDrunkenMedium
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