Merry Christmas

Arch Angel Gabriel tells Mary, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people” (Luke 2:10). Mary’s Annunciation, Angel Gabriel, and the three wise men that carried myrrh, frankincense, and gold across many miles to baby Jesus have long fascinated me. Merry Christmas 3As a Mexican Catholic by tradition, the nativity scene is emblazoned in my mind from a young age. One good Posada with the long walk and the repeating prayers and songs will make anyone versed in the Annunciation and the nativity scene. Merry Christmas 4Fast forward approximately 2015 years. Is it strange to think of Angels, Mother Mary, and Jesus outside the Bible? Is it strange to think of Angels, Mother Mary, and Jesus as nondenominational? Before I embraced my ability as a medium, I too thought it was crazy, heresy, blasphemous, and anomalous to think of such things outside of Christianity. As a Christian, on this special time when I celebrate the birth of Jesus, I give thanks to The Lord for the ability to deliver messages from Mother Mary and Arch Angel Gabriel to Christians and non-believers alike.

How is that possible you may ask? Honestly I do not know how it is possible. I just know that it happens. Apostle Paul sums it up perfectly for me in 1 Corinthian 12:7 when he says, “To each person has been given the ability to manifest the Spirit for the common good.” I have learned not to question it, but rather to lead by faith and just deliver messages.

Are you having a baby, trying to have a baby, had a miscarriage, or questioning your motherhood/fatherhood? Most likely Mother Mary is with you and will make a guest appearance, chime in, and impart sage advice. In my sessions, I feel her presence. Merry Christmas 2To me, Mother Mary feels like my mother: nurturing, loving, assertive, but kind. She smells like roses and spring. Also, she looks like a soft pink hue. I do not see her face per se, I feel, smell, and have learned to associate soft pink hue to Mother Mary. From time to time, Mother Mary will appear as a silhouette in my mind’s eye.

On my 20-minute drive to a client’s house, I suddenly felt Mother Mary’s presence and instantly knew the session would center on a child. I knock on my client’s door, I sit down, and within a couple of minutes I validate my client’s repeated failed attempts to conceive. I share with my client that Mother Mary is partnering with her grandmother to make her desires for mothering a child possible. Although this client is not Catholic or religious, she welcomes the message with no hang ups.  She is a non-believer client that believes in the message. On this day, my client had three special guests appear: her grandmother, Mother Mary, and Arch Angel Gabriel. Most often, Mother Mary and Gabriel are a packaged deal; a divine pair.

Arch Angel Gabriel means “Messenger of God”. My wife and I named our son after Angel Gabriel because we love the Annunciation story, not realizing the meaning behind the name. From Luke1:13-16, we know that Gabriel also appeared to Zechariah to announce the birth of John the Baptist (Jesus’ cousin). Like Mother Mary, he is present when a pregnancy is in the air. Gabriel is the messenger of God and often makes cameos in my sessions to those who have a message to deliver like artists, writers, singers, composers, photographers, painters etc.

The first time I realized that Angel Gabriel was with me was at a wedding. After a few drinks and a long night of celebrating a beautiful wedding, I felt a faint pressure on my chest. This pressure was different as typically, the pain is heavy and almost suffocating-like for those loved ones who have passed who try to get my attention. To me, Angel Gabriel looks and feels feminine, soft, and warm. He smells like moments before a rain storm, and looks like a gentle pale white flickering light. Merry Christmas 5At the wedding, I was left alone with a friend. I shared with her that she was expecting, it would be a girl, and that Angel Gabriel was with her. Thankfully, my friend did not slap me or abruptly walk away from the conversation; rather she proceeded to share her dreams of having a baby girl. Not to my surprise, ten months later she was blessed with a healthy, baby girl.

After the first encounter with Angel Gabriel, he has been with me to deliver messages to friends and family who haven’t figured out their life purpose, who have a book to write, or have a song to compose. Most recently, I had the honor to do a reading for my sister. She lives in El Salvador. We did not grow up together, but we share an unconditional love that binds us. Before the reading, I saw the white flickering lights that I associate with Angel Gabriel. Although her grandfather was the person I was channeling at the time, Angel Gabriel took a few minutes to make his cue. He showed me a blank book and words being typed. I immediately told her, “You have a book to write. In fact, the book is almost finished in your mind already; however, you are delaying putting it on paper.” The message deeply resonated with her. This time, her grandfather and Angel Gabriel were partnering to nudge her to publish her book. My sister was in awe that I was able to reach in her mind and heart and pull out her strongest desires of publishing a book.

On this Christmas holiday do not be afraid. Please know that The Lord and His Angels bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Tis the season of giving and for that reason, I share nuggets of wise advice from private sessions I have held. I know The Lord and His Army of Angels want you to have self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and to be happy.

Self-compassion: love yourself. Do not be harsh if you forget your lap top at home causing you to be late to work. Do not beat yourself for enjoying delicious food with friends and family. Make time for yourself. Luke 5:16 describes Jesus withdrawing himself in the wilderness to pray and be alone. Keep it New Testament style and make time for yourself. In this world of chaos, time-is-money mentality, process improvements and efficiency, time is against us when we permit it. Always remember we are created in His image. Anyone who is a parent knows how defeated you feel when you witness your children being overly critical over their appearance or other short comings. As parents we just want to absorb all their insecurities and show them their true worth. Remember that next time you’re beating yourself up. We are all His children.

Self-forgiveness: forgive yourself for what you did or did not do. In the eve of my mother’s passing, I prayed and mediated for forgiveness. In my mind, I asked God to forgive me for all my transgressions against my mother and I asked my mother to forgive me the many times I fell short in her eyes. It was one of my most cathartic experiences ever. How can you love anyone else if you do not love yourself? Part of learning to love yourself is learning to live guilt free. As a Christian, know that Jesus died for your sins. He carried that cross for you to love yourself.

Be happy: find out what makes you happy. Soon after you define and implement what makes you happy, passion and abundance will ensue. I graduated college in 2003. In 2014 I finally discovered what makes me happy, my passion, and my life purpose. I have always been great at my job, over excelling, and promoting quickly within any organization that I worked. My jobs have always been lackluster, though. I was driven by money and a title, but never really found peace at work. On April 18, 2015, I published my first blog about my gift. For the first time in my life, I can say I am truly all around happy with myself. I love my wife and children, I enjoy my work, and I dedicate time to fuel my soul by meeting with clients and channeling messages from their passed loved ones and Angels.

“For to us a child is born. To us a son is given and the government will be his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” Isaiah 9:6


On April 29, 2015, the Oncologist matter-of-factly states, “The bone cancer has gotten worse. The chemotherapy has been fully maximized. I need to look at other options to prevent the cancer from spreading even more.”  Her words reverberate in my ears as I try to find my footing and stay grounded. My mother was diagnosed with G.I. cancer stage IV in December 2013. The G.I. cancer metastasized into her bones, concentrating in her head and chest.  She lies on the examining table and to get clarification in her native tongue, “Qué dice,” she asks me (“What did she say?”) Immediately I go down the negative path; the path that questions His will; the path that cannot fathom a world without her. It is venom that quickly consumes my soul. Everything I am, all that I have become is because of my mother. My prayers are inflated balloons that burst far too soon. I regularly pray, use affirmative prayer, thanking God, angels, abuela, Archangel Rafael to curing my mother’s cancer, for alleviating her pain, and surrounding her in God’s white light. As the poisonous serum quenches my blood, I feel my heart hit my chest wall and my temporal vein throb as a sweat bead glazes over my head. “The majority of my patients in her similar condition don’t last longer than four months, and they certainly do not have the quality of life that your mom has. It is God’s mercy at this point.” I remember even with stage IV cancer, my mother is still vivacious, runs around with the children, attends soccer games, and on rare occasions mentions pain or discomfort. I notice the yellow flower in my mind’s eye, my symbol for abuela, and I noticed a light-green hue around my mother, “Thank you guys,” I whisper. Instantaneously, my anger dissipates. God, abuela, and Archangel Rafael humbled me, planted my feet on solid ground, and refocused me. I am left grounded and at peace.

I am fortunate to recognize the signs that quickly change my perspective on things. We all struggle to see the good amidst the bad. In the darkest of nights, the rainiest of days, we know the sun is out there, but sometimes the darkness seeps into every cell of our body, every follicle of hair, so that we are left blinded by the darkness that we cannot see the sun. God, angles and loved ones who have passed are always there. They are guiding us, protecting us, and sending us unconditional love. Signs exist. Love ones communicate with us.

Recently, I had the opportunity to channel Baby Marie. Client, I will call “Carrie,” approached me to do a reading.  I felt a baby girl came through. She showed me a birthday candle and I heard her name. “Carrie” was able to validate the name and her miscarriage. In her chaos, internal storm, her baby girl was coming through to tell her mother exactly what she needed to hear. She provided reassurance that her current state did not align with her higher self. Baby Marie also reminded her mother of the importance of reconnecting mind, body, and soul. Words that, only when delivered by a loved one on the other side, could penetrate the darkest chasm and provide a ray of light.





Loved ones who have passed use many symbols to try to make their presence known. I have a friend who read my blog prior to my debut. I could tell she wanted to ask me about her loved one that passed over. I have felt her relative “knock at my door” but I never answered for the fear of outing myself. My friend told me about her connection with the number 4, and 44. Ever since her relative passed, she has noticed that number follow her. Anytime she is down or unsure on her next steps, she looks up and sees a 44. “It means guardian angels are looking after you. Your relative is following you, guiding you.” I saw an imaginary ton lift from her back and her light bulb turn on. She feels her relative’s presence, recognizes the signs, but was too afraid to accept it. I just merely validated what she has felt all along.

After my mother and I left the hospital, I shared the information I witnessed in the examining room. Her darkness quickly brightens. Although she is aware that abuela (my grandmother and her mother) is with her, she enjoys hearing me confirm it as often as I can. It energizes her. Her happiness oozes out of her soul so much that I feel it. So instead of wallowing in sadness and anticipate death, I commit myself to enjoying the days God blesses us with her; to enjoy more hamburgers, ice cream, tamales, enjoy more moments gathered around her small house, and the endless food she doles out. We leave the hospital, pick up my children, and enjoy a nice lunch and blizzard at Dairy Queen. In this moment, I thank God, abuela, the angels for our impromptu lunch, with my mother. I am grounded and at peace.



To Swifties, Red is the title of her fourth studio album released October 22 (coincidentally, my birthday). To me though, red is a color very much present in my life. After I posted my first blog, I was overwhelmed with hesitation. “Did I do the right thing? Did I follow my guidance? Holy crap, people are going to cast me as a witch.” Prior to posting, I spent hours praying and meditating asking and listening to His guidance. I was relieved to see red anytime I questioned my intuition, anytime I asked myself if I did the right thing. Flashback to a year ago, I distinctively remember red following me days before and after the bar conversation that changed my life. To Taylor Swift, red is the color of passion, of anger, of hate, of love, but for me, red is a divine mile-marker: it is my angels’ way of telling me, “Hey, changes are coming your way, you are on the right path.” I have received the celestial red light to proceed.

Let me tell you how a spirit we will call “Casper” used me to deliver flowers to a surviving loved one via a red-headed Earth Angel named Colleen.  On June 8, 2014, I begrudging let my wife, Andrea, talk me into going to a holistic fair in town. After two months of excuses, and with two hours before the doors closed, I exhausted all excuses. I felt like a ball shackled to a heavy chain with a final destination to the Holistic Fair in Fort Worth, Texas. For the first time, I noticed the color red. On the way to the holistic fair, at a stop light, I noticed I was shielded by red cars. There was a red car to the front, to the left and to the right of me. “Interesting,” I thought.  It also reminded me of Christopher in the book, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time, by Mark Haddon. I cautiously followed my wife into the holistic fair. I was expecting to see crystal balls, Cleo the Jamaican Physic, and dark images on tarot cards. To my surprise, the crowd was oddly normal. Yes, there were hippies sprinkled in a group of soccer moms, teachers, and men like me: men chained to our wives. With our time constraint in mind, I noticed Christine Cappuccino. Christine’s table read “$20 for a twenty-minute session.”  “Ok, let me get this checked off my Honey-Do List and then we can go home,” I said to myself. As I sat down, I had no expectations. She reached out her soft hands and placed them under mine. She closed her eyes and we embarked on a spiritual journey. She told me about my children, their personalities and their past. Christine mentioned my recently departed abuela, my mother’s health condition, my interests, and my career aspirations. In between my past, present, and future, she sandwiched incongruent words. She affirmed I was a bright light for those who passed; a magnet for those departed to communicate their words, their regrets, and deliver their messages to those on this physical plane. As she continued, I was left utterly bemused. She also stated that I would soon channel people who have passed and I would heal hearts, especially for those who left Earth prematurely. In the midst of my transformational journey, I thought of “Casper,” the apparition that hovered over my bed when I was away from home on business trips.

“Casper” appeared several times. The apparition revealed himself when I traveled and never at home. Instinctively, his presences never frightened me. Never did I think I was possessed. At times, the subtle moments seemed rather phantasmagoric. I can best describe the encounters as occurring at that indistinguishable moment before sleep and being awake. After my reading with Christine, it all made sense.

If you remember, I was away on a business trip during the bar conversation that changed my life.  The day after my bar conversation, I noticed subtle red reassurances. At the end of the work day, as I routinely said good bye to co-workers, I was compelled to stop by Colleen’s office. For whatever reason, I knew I had to talk to her although I was eager to begin my trip home. As I walked into her office, I noticed the color red: her red scarf that hung in her cluttered shelf, the newly applied red lip stick that welcomed me in, and the red marker on her white board. “How in the hell am I going to tell her this?” I told her my previous night’s experience at the bar. To my surprise, she completely embraced my story. She held no judgement, no preconceived notions. As I hugged and thanked her for her listening, I knew she was going to be instrumental for another task.

Weeks following my night at the bar, “Casper” was present. I gathered he was eager to speak to me, share his story, and share his love and his shortened destiny to a certain loved one. As I type these words, feel “Casper’s” energy guiding me. The truth is, I was (and still am) afraid. I am afraid because I have not talked to “Casper’s” family. I have not received consent from his loved ones. However, “Casper” was insistent that I deliver flowers to “Wendy.” Financially handicapped (a future blog), I told “Casper” that I would deliver the flowers on the conditions that I would not use my own money, not be outed as a medium, and the timing would have to be blatantly obvious to me. June and July passed. “Casper” helped me find remote controls, helped me with my iPhone that my son flushed in a toilet, and a handful of other technical issues. August ushered a new phase in my mediumship.

The last week in August catapulted me into another level of mediumship. On my way to drop of my kids at daycare, I randomly received a Pro-Flowers email and thought of “Casper.” “I know you want me to deliver the flowers, but you have to remember my conditions: I did not have the money to spend on flowers and I do not want to be outed,” I told him. Following my internal dialog, “Casper” showed me Colleen and orchids. Once I was back at home and settled, I called Colleen. I told her how “Casper” wanted to send flowers to “Wendy.” Without hesitation, Colleen said, “I will do it today.” We just did not know what type of flower. I told Colleen that I kept seeing orchids. She immediately connected to bleeding heart orchids. Colleen explained that her deceased fiancé uses bleeding hearts as his symbol to communicate with her. Colleen faithfully bought flowers, delivered them to “Wendy” and shared Casper’s message of regret and love. It reminded me of Archangel Gabriel who appeared to the Virgin Mary and Joseph to deliver His announcement and more than anything, to provide comfort. “Casper” met my conditions.

Red follows me. Red is present. I surrender to God’s will and embrace my purpose. Just recently, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to grab a few beers with my brother and friends. Inevitably, my blog was a topic of conversation. I was relieved to be gathered around family and friends; to be accepted. Jokes, laughter, and humor were used to prod at my blog and gift. I laughed right along with them. From their perspective, I completely understand how ridiculous this sounds. From my perspective, on the other hand, I am unwavered; faithful to my calling. After all, the red truck that followed me all the way to the restaurant, the numerous red shirt-clad patrons, to the sea of red audience at the Pelican vs. Golden State playoffs, and the red shots that were ordered helped me to unequivocally recognize the divine mile-markers that guide me.

My purpose for writing this is not to pretend to be perfect (obviously). I am imperfect: just a guy who occasionally enjoys drinks at a bar. God does not limit delivery of his messages to Archangels. You never know, you may get your message through subtle signs and symbols (the color red) or from someone like me: a guy in a bar.